How to Log Out of Gmail From Google Play Store in Android Phone

Well Now a day most common device in every one’s hand is android mobile gadget, Most of the people android because it is user friendly easy to understand and easy to operate the open but most of the people don’t know how to lo-got from the google play store one of the main reason of this problem is because you want to sign in to Google Play Store with another Google account? so how to solve this problem? it is very simple to sing-out form the current account and lo-gin with another accountTo be frank Google play store does not have a log out option, have checked any time if not check it out and read this post again, ok now you read the remaining post, coming to the point in android phone everything is associated in Google, which makes it different, It syncs one Google account with all Google Products available such as Youtube, Gmail, Maps, Search, Calendar, Drive and Google+ all this apps are associated with gmail account which is signed while your are creating a google play store account, you can not use different accounts in one android device except you log out and log in , Because the Google play store will automatically redirect you to your phone play app.

Now the point is that how to log out from Google play store? So let us come to the point. There are two way which i will tell you below follow the simple steps and log out form google play store. come lets check out the process.

How to Sign-out from Jelly Bean Android Google Play Store In Samsung Device

Step 1: First to the Setting icon. check the below screenshot for easy understand. On the screenshot I have noticed it with rectangle box. Click to it for open the setting panel.

Step 2: Now you have opened setting now go to bottom . There is the Accounts tab within you will see your all apps . Among them you there is the Google written with its icon. Click to Google for start to remove google account or customizing setting of google.

Step 3: Now here you can see 4 options  you just  click on your gmail id.

Step 4: Next click to Remove account which is shown below with image. It will remove the all that accounts related setting on your android mobile phone (Be care full while your singing out because you will be log out form the apps attached with this gmail account)

How to Sing-out/log out From Android Play Store System:

Step 1: First Open your Menu options got to the Settings icon and click on it. Your icon may be look like below image.

Step 2: After clicking on the setting icon you will to the Androids setting. Just drag down and find-out the Accounts tab. In that tab you will get the all of your accounts. Click on Google, check below image for clear understand.

Step 3: Now remove your google account. By Clicking on your gmail email account.

Step 4: Now click to options panel where you will get the 2 options Sync now and Remove account. Click to Remove account button to Sign-Out from Google Account.

Now you have successfully log-out from you android device but be very careful while your singing off from you android phone because you will be log-out form all your apps.

Here we will also show you how to log-out from google play  store in Samsung galaxy android device and how to sing-off from  HTC Desire one and how to log-out and sing-in with another account in your android google play store.

Updated: January 28, 2017 — 11:55 pm

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  1. Your post is very helpful for me. I am try to sign out Google play store account and I successfully sign out from it. Thanks fro the post.

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