Social Trade Scam: Rs 3,700 Cr Online Fraud Involving 7 Lakh People …

Social Trade Scam: Fraud Has Effected Over 7 Lakh People

Socialtrade is an online networking stage where individuals are gaining cash from Internet. is a social media market portal which is run by Ablaze Info Soultions Limited (which is an ISO 2008 certified company)

UP Special Task Force has uncovered one of the greatest online cheats (SocialTrade Scam)  guaranteed to associate with Rs 3,700 crore which was being keep running under the pretense of internet exchanging.

Three individuals have been captured for the SocialTrade Scam and the inverstigation is going on.

From the Preliminary investigation, they found that Company named Ablaze Info Soultions Limited which is in Noida Sector-63, cheated 7 lakh people in the name of SocialTrade and collected the amount of Rs, 3700 Crores from people under the scheme of ” Rs 5 per Click” is a web portal which is being run by the accused persons- in which investor has to pay Rs 5,570 to 57,500 to become the user of socialtrade. And they can earn Rs.5 for 1 click after successful investment. Police said that ” So far they have found the amount of Rs.500 Crores and they have also sezied the bank accounts associated with the company”

This Socialtrade scammers always changed the name of their company to escape from getting caught. to,, are the companies which floated to dupe the people. Socialtrade Scam is now the biggest Scam, in which lakhs of people have invested money and once the company got good amount of money, they stopped paying payments.

There are many companys like socialtrade on in the internet which are trying to scam people. Socialtrade Scam maybe not the biggest scam now, there might me many other company like this which are cheating people. Dont trust Scam sites like socialtrade, Before investing money on any site, research about it very well. Dont investly blindly on fraud sites like socialtrade.

Updated: February 2, 2017 — 2:43 pm

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